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PSG references

We are very familiar with the high demands of the automotive industry.

Viktor Moor
Hot Runner Technical Director

Renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers are our partners

Meusburger is the hot runner partner for all plastic auto body parts for Smart. The concept of Smart is up to date like never before: lightweight construction, rapid colour changes, Moulded-In Colour technology, absolute streak-free injection. Meusburger also plays a part in the Audi A8, with the 4-drop Big Shot system for the front-end. With a long fibre proportion of 30% the stiffness was increased and the weight reduced. PSG has extensive expertise here. These include details such as the use of a cylindrical valve gate, low-stress glass fibre deflection and temperature control in the nozzle head. No matter which requirements you have PSG has a comparable reference for your task. And because our customers are global players, Meusburger has an international presence.



Material:PP+30% LGF
Number of nozzles:12-drop
Component shot weight:2,500g
Nozzle type:Valve gate
Gating type:7x direct / 5x on sub-manifold
Special feature:Long glass fibres, nozzles with angle

Car engine compartment front end

Material:PP+30% LGF
Number of nozzles:6-drop +6-drop
Component shot weight:3.00g
Nozzle type:Valve gate
Gating type:12x direct
Special feature:Long glass fibres, two-cavity mould

Propulsion unit

Material:PP+30% LGF
Number of nozzles:4-drop
Component shot weight:55g
Nozzle type:Valve gate
Gating type:4x direct
Special feature:Long glass fibres

Acoustic component

Material:PA 6.6/Foaming component
Number of nozzles:16-drop +20-drop
Component shot weight:4g-24g
Nozzle type:Open
Gating type:36x direct
Special feature:Multi-component/family mould


Number of nozzles:12-drop
Component shot weight:3,500g
Nozzle type:Valve gate
Gating type:12x on sub-manifold
Special feature:varioFILL


Number of nozzles:4-drop
Component shot weight:60g
Nozzle type:Valve gate
Gating type:4x direct
Special feature:Foil back injection moulding (IMD)

Louvered grille

Number of nozzles:9-drop
Component shot weight:1,100g
Nozzle type:Valve gate
Gating type:9x on sub-manifold

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