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Phillip Stalf
Quality Management Officer

Caps & closures

Gigantic numbers of caps and closures are needed everyday. Quality is particularly reflected in the reduction of cycle times and by quick colour change. Increase in split seconds raise the efficiency of a plant drastically. Our project engineers and service technicians know how you can accelerate your hot runner – without compromising part quality. For example, we take over the rheological and thermal dimensioning of your hot half.


Valve seal with lid

Weight:4.5 or 5.1g
NozzlesMicro 2016/201/RX5/A
Manifold:48-drop hot runner system, modular design, 4 pieces SV 12-drop, 1 piece SV 4-drop


Other:Cycle time 8.5 sec.


Weight:3.4 g
Other:Cycle 8.6 sec. / 32-drop

Different caps & closures


24-nozzle system inside injection

Valves for Adhesives

Nozzles:Uni 2026/081/R3
Manifold:Angular injection

Slide valve lid for fast color change

Material:1. Component: PS; 2. Component: PP
Nozzles:Micro 2016/181 RX5
Other:Hotrunner system: 2-component, 4+8-drop

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