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Klaus Dieter Kapp
Sales Manager for Germany / Austria / Switzerland

For the highest requirements

Appearance, cleanliness, hygiene or clean room applications – especially for the most demanding applications, we have the advantage that we can use technical synergies. Meusburger ensures high process reliability. Just to name a few examples: contactless immersion of the pin into the cylindrical gate, micro-fibre free parts, cosmetic feed points, clean room production, electro-magnetic control of the valve pin with shortest closing times, pin adjustment, end position monitoring. Whether PVDF, LCP, PMMA, PC to PEEK-GF PSG knows the requirements that specific plastics place on the hot runner. The solutions are as individual as the parts of our customers. 


Pipette holder

Weight:20 g
Nozzles:Prima M 8.7/133
Manifold:DHV 8-drop Prima

Body Respirator

Material:PC / Lexan 124 R112)
Nozzles:THj II 32/80 SIM direct
Manifold:SV 8-drop, mech. balanced 1-channel level

Dry powder container Respirator

Weight:6 g
Nozzles:Thermoject 2026/061/R3 with OKS, 15mm enlarged
Manifold:HV 4-drop

2K-dosage lever for powder respirator

Material:1. and 2. Component ABS
Weight:4 g
Nozzles:Thermoject 2022/086/R3/B
Manifold:SV 2-drop + SV 4-drop


Weight:approx. 20 g
Nozzles:Thermoject II-Needle valve
Manifold:HV 4

Measuring container

Weight:3 g
Nozzles:Mini 2022/036/R1

Tablet container

Weight:13 g
Nozzles:Uni 2016/061/R3 B
Manifold:BV 50

5 ml Dosage spoon

Material:PP –natural
Weight:2.5 g
Nozzles:Micro 2016/121/NZ
Manifold:Y-Manifold 6-drop


Material:Pa 12 Grilamid
Nozzles:M 15/3-50
Manifold:TV-2 Prima

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