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The product family with an unlimited number of zones.


The new profiTEMP generation is characterised by a clear and uniform structure and operating concept - from the smallest desktop with 6 zones to the largest tower with 250 zones and touch screen. The number of zones can be expanded, almost indefinitely, by combining profiTEMP devices. The profiTEMP link function makes this possible, as it automatically synchronises control cabinets for important hot runner functions.

One family - one format!

All devices have the same small footprint and are easily stackable. Its interior is neatly arranged, well-organised and the plug-in cards are identical. All profiTEMP hot runner controllers are based on the same operating principle.

profiTEMP Desktop - from 6 up to 36 zones

profiTEMP - adapted to your requirements

Comfortable operation from membrane keypad to touch screen

We had a clear objective when developing the operating concept: as simple and as familiar as possible. To achieve this, we took an intensive look at the operation of modern smartphones. This way everyone will immediately be familiar with the operating logic of profiTEMP. For example, we have integrated technologies like "Alphablending". In order to grasp the essentials at first glance, areas that are not relevant are darkened on the screen.

Self-explanatory softkeys in three languages

Nobody needs to memorize the functions of keys. Simply press a key for 3 seconds and the explanation appears in the LED display.

Process reliability through user management

Absolute process reliability is achieved by preventing unauthorised input on the device. Here, profiTEMP offers two password-protected user levels. This prevents machine operators accessing functions for which they are not authorised. User rights are administered through freely selectable passwords.

profiTEMP technology is easy to integrate

profiTEMP technology is suitable for machine installation. Modular racks containing the full range of profiTEMP functions are available. Our components are equipped with a multitude of interfaces, so they can be integrated quickly into existing structures. Flexibility and the fulfillment of customer requests is our strength. PSG provides you with a cost-effective solution for multi-loop hot runner control.

Temperature control with intuition - when it comes to temperature control, ideas are an important part of our business. Our engineers contribute sector and industry competence during the planning phase. You will achieve your objectives, such as: Process reliability, cost reduction, on-time production, smooth start-ups,...

Cost reductions through a well-thought and modular production concept

All profiTEMP devices are based on a uniform build- and production concept. Whether desktop, tower, or machine integration. The uniform concept also provides cost advantages in development, production, and purchasing. We pass on these advantages to you through an extremely competitive price.

Modular system structure - all plug-cards are identical from desktop to tower. This simplifies warehousing. You can swap cards freely during maintenance. And production can continue.

A tidy interior simplifies maintenance and service - the well-organised interior provides a quick overview and helps to reduce downtimes and standstill costs to a minimum when servicing is required.

Inner added value: The new operating concept – thinks ahead and becomes active if needed

As well as hot runner controllers, the PSG group develops and produces nozzles and manifolds. Hence, we know the requirements in plastics processing in-depth, and we share our know-how with users through expert software. This shortens the time for programming and prevents operating errors.

The InfoBoard ensures the use of the full range of functions - PSG is not satisfied with just great functions. With our InfoBoard, we actively support operators to make optimal use of the full functionality on machines without a touch screen. Reports from the monitoring functions are no longer overlooked, and suggested troubleshooting measures can be used.

USB for quality assurance and service support - the USB port is used to document product quality and as an interface for data import and export. Simple handling guaranteed.

Reliability through MoldCheck: Before the beginning of production the system is thoroughly checked.

MoldCheck is a complete diagnosis of electric conditions, including wiring. This ensures a 100% functional guarantee of the electric system of the hot runner.

Production reliability at the push of a button - Moldcheck runs a functional test of heaters and sensors including their correct allocation. This ensures that production runs smoothly and that part quality remains constantly high. During a mould replacement the integrated preheat function minimises the downtimes of the injection moulding machine.

Exact error analysis shortens maintenance - concrete notifications accelerate the error search and provide specific information on causes, so that simple repairs can also be carried out by non-service personnel.

Open to the world: profiTEMP is easily adjusted to electricity networks and languages

You can use profiTEMP anywhere in the world. It "speaks" German and English fluently and quickly learns a third language (ASCII characters required). PSG provides language files for common languages free of charge. An adjustment is so easy that users on-site can carry out the language expansion themselves.

Easy adjustment of mains voltages - the unique concept of power supply for hot runner controllers makes the adjustment for operation in foreign networks, for example in the U.S., absolutely uncomplicated.

PSG-Connect: Fast remote support

PSG-Connect is the ingeniously easy-to-use solution for the worldwide, remote maintenance of profiTEMP hot runner controllers. PSG-Connect is pre-configured and immediately ready for use. PSG-Connect is available in several configurations. As a cable-based modem (analogue, ISDN), via the existing company network, directly via DSL or as mobile Internet access via GSM or UMTS.

Secure connection via VPN – as well as the classic remote maintenance tasks, such as support in troubleshooting, PSG-Connect can be used for many tasks. PSG offers a wide array of services. Maintenance contracts guarantee that profiTEMP is regularly updated to the latest software. Or our experts assist you online to answer your questions.

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