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Increase of the valve gate nozzle power

sumoFmax is the new, patented, lever operated lifting plate. By the roller guide with integrated lever the force increases exponentially towards the closed position of the pin. SumoFmax achieves multiplied force, saves energy and reduces installation space.

High closing force of the pin

The roller guide with integrated toggle lever increases the force exponentially towards the closing position of the pin. In the closed position of the valve pin, exactly where it is most important, the maximum closing force is achieved. This results in a significant reduction of the standard operating units compared to conventional lifting plates.

Low mould closing speed at maximum closing force

The closer the pin gets to the end position the greater the force is and the lower the closing speed is. As a result of this, the plastic is compressed particularly gently at the feed point. This increases the quality at your feed point.

Individual continuous setting of every single valve pin

Each pin can be adjusted individually by lockable mechanism.

Easy maintenance

If necessary, individual pins can simply be shut down.

‘Carefree all-round package’

Completely from one source, plug&play wiring, tested and ready, we make the ‘hot half’ for your mould. According to your individual specification or according to our PSG standard.

Our team of engineers will be happy to design the system for you.

How you benefit:


  • Ready-to-use mould halves. All you have to do is add the cavity plate.
  • Application-oriented warranty and system guarantee
  • Optional 3-D filling simulation and calculation
  • Several gate versions from open execution to valve gate
  • Rheologically optimised flow-channels
  • Special and standard plate dimensions
  • Variable nozzle positions and nozzle lengths
  • Individual pin operation or lifting plate version
  • Rapid delivery times due to own production

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