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Open / ring gate manifold and single nozzles


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PSG nozzles offer significant advantages

Customised solutions

We will gladly develop non-standard features, sizes or characteristics for you. We fulfil all conceivable product requirements without you having to engage in expensive in-house developments. PSG Plastic Service is your experienced partner who already fulfils your application specific quality demands in the planning phase. 

Guideline table for shot weights

Easy maintenance

Heaters and sensors are intelligently assembled and can therefore be easily swapped in your factory or on site. This saves costly and time-intensive repair work by qualified personnel. All functional parts and parts subject to wear are replaceable.

Excellent part quality through low-stress processing of plastics

The hot runner components are kept at a constant temperature at all points through very good heat conducting components

Cost-effective and short delivery times

Possible with a combinable, modular system. We manufacture a large number of products with just a few basic components.

Minimisation of machining operations

Space-saving component size, utilisation of small and compact heaters, as well as the minimisation of wall thicknesses reduce the installation diameter. This saves on material use through smaller mould sizes and saves machining operations.

Ready-to-install systems are guaranteed to be absolutely sealed

We offer you completely assembled and tested systems, including documentation. This saves time during installation, protects your warranty claim, and guarantees complete sealing of the PSG hot runner system.

Full flexibility in mould design

Each nozzle can be machined exactly to the desired length. Stepless to 1000 mm. This gives you freedom in mould design, component integration, and reduces costs because there is no need for mould adjustments.

Low-stress processing of plastics with simultaneous savings in operating costs

Mass-oriented power allocation of the heating elements and an optimised heat transfer from the heating element to the hot runner reduces the power to a minimum. This saves on operating costs and assures a low-stress processing of plastics without damaging the material.

Simple and cost-effective manufacturing of the requested mould sizes

The nozzle flange support on the mould is not recessed (exception Prima). This reduces the costs and sources for error when making the mould.

Advantages of PSG nozzles


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