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Injection nozzles / filter nozzles

Precise work during the injection process

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Injection valve gate nozzles increase the process reliability

For each injection process, the exact amount of plastic to be injected into the cavity is defined. Only a valve gate nozzle can ensure that this specification is stuck to.

Benefits of the Fox injection nozzle

PSG offers more than 50 years experience with injection nozzles. The Fox is the latest generation of PSG injection nozzles. Fox combines many years of proven solutions with consequent development.

Advantages for users:
  • Stops the leaking of melt and thus material loss
  • No dirtying of the sprue bush
  • Increased process reliability through controllable back pressure and controlled injecting.
  • Reduction of maintenance expenses

PSG Plastic Service injection nozzles simply and reliably prevent the leakage of melt.

Advantages for manufacturers of injection machinery:

Satisfied customers and a new function increase the sales price of your machine. Many injection moulding machine operators upgrade with Fuchslocher valve gate nozzles. Especially for high quality demands.

Depending on your requirements, the Fuchslocher valve gate nozzles - successfully in service for decades - and the new generation Fox are available.

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