Made in Germany and successful all over the world

PSG Plastic Service Group offers hot runner systems, control systems, as well as cooling and temperature control systems. These products are developed, manufactured, and tested under real-life scenarios at two sites in Germany. We guarantee the highest quality, fast availability, flexible solutions, and swift response times. Our focus is on the plastic processing industries where we provide extensive sector know how and where we contribute more than 50 years of experience. Also, you can find our control and temperature management systems in the food industry, facility management, the metals industry, and others... in short, in situations where temperatures and pressure need to be controlled.

Advantages of PSG Plastic Service Group

Fast goal achievers
Our customers appreciate our partner-like cooperation as well as cross-industry- and cross-technology knowledge, which we provide up front during project planning. This simplifies communication, accelerates projects, and gives security.

Reliability from long-term cooperation.
Many of our customers and employees alike have long-term relationships with PSG. Therefore, you will have one point of contact for years, if not for decades, who simply knows what counts for you.

Global availability of products and services
PSG has a global network, and so we offer one-stop, competent advice for global projects. We ensure this with over 30 partners in Europe, Asia, and America.

Short distances
Our management team comes from operations and maintains direct contact with our customers. When special cases arise the necessary resources are quickly accessed to address special developments or to find solutions requiring fast action.

Extensive actual conditions analysis
This forms the correct basis to develop the assignment and enables you to compare before / after.

Extreme flexibility
Within PSG Plastic Service Group we have a wide range of well-qualified staff available along with the right equipment and training ready to get the job done. We can work with you to solve problems and implement special solutions when the need arises.

Customer training
We train your staff on-site to, for example, avoid bad operations, and to increase the lifetime of your systems. This improves your production reliability and economics.


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