Benefits for your injection molding process:
Better control performance, higher parts quality, min. space requirements,...

The profiTEMP+ Hot runner controller from PSG convinces with both innovative technology and space-saving design. In addition to new intelligent functions like Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and MoldCheck, the tried and trusted features are further developed in the new hot runner controller. Due to the clearly designed 7“ multi-touch screen, an easy and intuitive operation is guaranteed.

Advantages during the injection moulding process

  • Precision power dosage through high resolution of the actuating signal on the heating output
  • Uniform, controlled heating-up with automatic ramp
  • Relay heating – heating up of zone groups in a sequence
  • Monitoring of the sensor signal to detect sensor break, polarity reversal and short-circuit
  • Safety shutdown in zones upon detection of a critical error in the heating circuit
  • Early detection of leaks through continuous process monitoring

cTUVus approval

profiTEMP+ in the version of desktop housings has been certified in accordance with the American and Canadian product safety standards. You can also optionally obtain variants with unrestricted approval for the USA and Canada.

MoldCheck - efficient inspection of the hot runner system

Even before the startup of the mould, a fully automatic control of the wiring can be carried out. It is also possible to check the status of the heaters and sensors in the hot runner. 

Smart Power Limitation

Smart Power Limitation, the intelligent function for limiting the power, always prevents the heating power required by the heating outputs for control from exceeding the available power through the socket. 100% safe.

The equal control pulse distribution, Smart Peak Reduction, reduces peak loads

Moreover, the controller guarantees that the heating power emitted from the heating outputs is as even as possible. This is how profiTEMP+ prevents power peaks and power fluctuations.

Not a millisecond of control loss

A measurement process must not impact on the running process. PSG meets this high demand with the new profiTEMP+.
The measurement of the heating current, which is important for the process, takes place without interruption of the control and output of heating pulses. With small nozzles in particular, gaps in the heating pulses for measurement of the heating current can lead to visible and measurable changes to the component.
To be brief: The profiTEMP+ guarantees an ultra fast and reaction-free current measurement and therefore 100% quality because even just slight activity at the heating output can disturb the process.

Pairing Mode - combine two controllers to one

The pairing mode allows a simple coupling of two independent profiTEMP+. The devices are connected via an Ethernet cable by pressing a button. Otherwise, no special settings or hardware changes are necessary.

Both devices are displayed and operated via the cabinet, which initializes the connection. As a result, control systems of a maximum of 192 control zones can be realized.

Application video profiTEMP plus

profiTEMP plus

profiTEMP plus

Hot Runner Controller for 6 to 192 zones

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