Benefits for your injection molding process: Better control performance, higher parts quality, min. space requirements,...

We have gone one step further with the new development of profiTEMP+:

Less space requirements than profiTEMP
The new profiTEMP+ requires such a small footprint that is hard to beat, thanks to the compact design. Even smaller does not make much sense,
otherwise the plugs would not have enough space on the back wall.
The slimline housing means that the profiTEMP+ can be conveniently set up for any injection molding machine.

More inside than the profiTEMP
Extended range of functions in comparison with the profiTEMP.
profiTEMP+ offers innovative functions such as Smart Power Limitation (SPL)and the further development of well-known functions, contributing towards
process security.

Convenient touch screen operation

It could not be simpler: You operate the controller using the multi-touch screen in the same way as a Smartphone or tablet.

Application video profiTEMP plus

profiTEMP+: 6 to 64 zones and connectable and expandable in various ways

There are two basic housings available to choose from, which are characterized by the compact design and very small footprint. The number of control
zones can be selected in stages of 6. Each zone has 230 V AC/15 A.
Up to 64 zones can be controlled via one touch screen by connecting two housings. Furthermore, the profiTEMP+ offers flexible modular solutions.

cTUVus approval

profiTEMP+ has been certified in accordance with the American and Canadian product safety standards. You can also optionally obtain variants with unrestricted approval for the USA and Kanada.

Inner Value-add: The new Operating Concept - it thinks along and, if necessary, becomes active

PSG Group develops and produces nozzles and manifolds, aside from hot runner controllers. Hence, we know the requirements in plastics processing in-depth and we share our know how with users through expert software. This shortens the time for programming and prevents bad operations.

InfoBoard ensures the Use of the full Array of Functions - PSG is not satisfied to have fanciful functions alone. With our InfoBoard, we actively support operators to have an optimal use of the full functionality on machines without touch screen. Reports from the monitoring functions are no longer overlooked and suggested troubleshooting measures can be used.

USB for Quality Assurance and Service Support - The USB interface is used for documenting product quality and for data import and export. Simple handling guaranteed.

As easy to operate as a Smartphone

Completely new opportunities arise with the app: Convenient monitoring and diagnosis, even if you are not directly in front of the injection molding machine, and with all the safety functions of course. If you have any questions, you can quickly ask for feedback from the PSG Serviceteam by reading out the service data from the controller via the app, sending it directly to PSG and receiving a prompt response to your issue.

Smart Power Limitation

Smart Power Limitation, the intelligent function for limiting the power, always prevents the heating power required by the heating outputs for control from exceeding the available power through the socket. 100% safe.

The equal control pulse distribution, Smart Peak Reduction, reduces peak loads

Moreover, the controller guarantees that the heating power emitted from the heating outputs is as even as possible. This is how profiTEMP+ prevents power peaks and power fluctuations.

Not a millisecond of control loss

A measurement process must not impact on the running process. PSG meets this high demand with the new profiTEMP+.
The measurement of the heating current, which is important for the process, takes place without interruption of the control and output of heating pulses. With small nozzles in particular, gaps in the heating pulses for measurement of the heating current can lead to visible and measurable changes to the component.
To be brief: The profiTEMP+ guarantees an ultra fast and reaction-free current measurement and therefore 100% quality because even just slight activity at the heating output can disturb the process.

profiTEMP plus

profiTEMP plus 06 up to 24

Hot Runner Controller for 6, 12, 18, 24 zones

profiTEMP plus 30 up to 48

Hot Runner Controller for 30, 36, 42, 48 zones

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