smartFILL: revolutionized new nozzle design

New principle of design and torpedo increase the quality of parts

Reduced loss of temperature, more applications...

The melt channel geometry and innovative heating technology enable you to process almost all types of plastic. Even engineering plastics with extremely high processing temperature can be processed with the new SmartFill. 

New principle of design and torpedo increase the quality of parts

The partinioning of the melt and again the reunion takes place in the hot zone of the nozzle. This reduces the appearance of flow lines and thus improves the optical and mechanical quality of the parts.


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Replacement of gate type at any time

The installation dimensions of the nozzle length in the tool is the same for all nozzle types. This allows you, for example, an easy change from RT (ring gate with torpedo) into DNZ (valve gate with nozzle head).   



Cost savings at the acquisition of tools

At the Shot type you can define a stepless nozzle length and adapt precisely to your space requirements.


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