The highest demands

Optics, cleanliness, hygiene, clean-room applications ... it is exactly in the most demanding applications where we have the advantage using technical synergies. Whether it involves the injection of parts which are difficult to access, side injection, small nest separation distances, small wall thickness, dimensional accuracy ... Contact-free immersion of the pin into the cylindrical cutting face, weld-line-free and micro-thread-free component
parts, cosmetic spraying points, clean room manufacture, electromagnetic control of the close-off pin with shortest closure speeds, pin position
adjustment, end position scanning ... These are just a few key areas PSG Plastic Service guarantees a high level of process security.

The correct feeling for medically certified plastics

Whether PFA, PVDF, LCP, PMMA, PC to PEEK-GF... we know the demands which are placed on the hot runner by the plastic. From a 0.5 g plastic pipette, to a 2-comp. dosing key for a powder inhalator, up to the dialysis housing, our solutions are as individual as the parts of our clients.

Rack Assay

Material: Polystyrol
Weight: 20g
Nozzle: Prima M 8,7/133
Manifold: DHV 8-drop Prima

Material: Hostaform (POM)
Nozzle: MTG
Manifold: BV, 2-drop

Body Respirator

Material: PC / Lexan 124 R112)
Nozzle: THj II 32/80 SIM direct
Manifold: SV 8-drop, mech. balanced 1-channel level

Dry powder container Respirator

Material: PBT
Weight: 6,0g
Nozzle: Thermoject 2026/061/R3 with OKS, 15mm enlarged
Manifold: HV 4-drop

2K-dosage lever for powder respirator

Material: Component 1 +2 ABS
Weight: 4,0g
Nozzle: Thermoject 2022/086/R3/B
Manifold: SV 2-drop + SV 4-drop

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