Intrinsic Values Count

Pallets or carrier boxes have to resist a lot: an extreme mechanical demand, permanently deviating temperatures or UV radiation. A special challenge for the hot runner, because thermal damages are very often not visible and can only be detected by a hardness test. Whether shortening of cycle times by special cooling bushing at the gate insert, PSG knows the crux of the matter and has a wide process- and application-know how available. So the optical characteristics as well as the rating are ok.

Premium Beer looks for Premium Box

Just one example: The Premium adventure starts during shopping: With an In-Mold-Label which stimulates the aesthetic feelings. Love at first grip. Or expressed technically: A 2K-application where the grip edge is injected with a soft and anti-skip plastic.

IFCO-folding box

Material: PP
Nozzle: Allround_Shot Typ Thj2036/ NZ2T
Manifold: 4drop transfer manifold
Others: Delivered as complete hot half system


Nozzle: Prima Serie E-I-28/7
Gating: Zylindrischer Nadelabschlu├č f├╝r Einfachanwendung
Others: Pneumatische / hydraulische Bedienweise

2-color bottle rack with In Mold-Label

Material: PE rot, PE black
Nozzle: 1. Component: 2040/101/R2/B. 2. Component: 2022/089/MS
Manifold: 1.Component (black) SV 6-drop Manifold. 2. Component (red) SV 8-drop Manifold

tablet tube

Material: PP
Weight: 10gr/nozzle
Nozzle: 4527/080/RT3W3
Gating: direct

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