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PSG offers hot runner systems and control systems from one source.

 Our high-quality products are developed, produced and tested under real conditions in the Viernheim and Seckach locations. With our know-how from Germany, we guarantee highest quality and are thus successful worldwide.

PSG develops, produces, and markets hot runner and control systems for the manufacturing of plastic products as a part of the Meusburger Group. Over 50 years of experience in the plastics industry guarantees customers worldwide a broad and innovative range of products.

The multidisciplinary know-how makes PSG a reliable project partner in the automotive, electronics, medical, transport, packaging and consumer goods industries. A high degree of standardisation guarantees very short lead times and highest flexibility.


Hot runner nozzles for limited installation spaces

Published on: 15.01.2019

Hot runner nozzles for limited installation spaces

Have you had the same problem? When there is not enough space to properly position a hot runner nozzle in the mould? In addition, effective temperature regulation at the gating point is necessary for the desired quality of the part. We have the solution for you...

THYPO - control heating systems with precision

Published on: 04.01.2019

THYPO - control heating systems with precision

We have broadened our product range for you - with THYPO, a series of multi loop power controllers for controlling and regulating temperatures. This makes THYPO ideal for applications such as heating, melting, drying, hardening or heat treating in many different industrial processes.

At a glance: the profiTEMP+

Published on: 10.10.2018

At a glance: the profiTEMP+

The profiTEMP+ Hot runner controller from PSG is sure to impress with its innovative technology and space-saving design. In addition to new intelligent functions like Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and MoldCheck, the tried and trusted features are further developed in the new hot runner controller. Due to the clearly designed 7" multi-touch screen, easy and intuitive operation is guaranteed.

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Trade fairs

Trade fairs


Eurostampi, Parma (IT)


Forma Tool, Celje (SI)


PSG Hot Runner Day, Nuremberg (DE)


Moulding Expo, Stuttgart (DE)


Die and Mould China, Shanghai (CN)