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THYPO power controller – precise temperature control


With THYPO, PSG offers a service-friendly, modular multi loop power controller for resistive loads which is used, for example, in the plastic and packaging industry, the glass industry or in air conditioning and heating technology. THYPO is robust, space-saving and ideally suited for heating, melting, drying, hardening, or annealing in a variety of industrial processes.

Simple controller connection

THYPO can be linked via the communication module CI to a large number of PLCs and controllers from all leading suppliers. Profinet IO and Modbus TCP are available as standard, other connections are in preparation. In addition, THYPO can also be used as an output module with the PSG temperature control system flexotemp.

Modular and expandable

The heart of the system is the communication module CI. This communicates via the system bus with the TP power controller modules, which are available in different versions. Due to the modular design, the system can be flexibly adjusted to customer requirements. Up to 1,512 outlets can be controlled individually. This way the heat can be placed and timed precisely.

Exceptionally flexible

THYPO covers a wide performance range. The TP power controller modules are available in three different versions. In addition to a version with 24 outlets at 8A/230VAC and 9 outlets at 16A/230VAC, there is also a version with 9 outlets at 16 A/480 VAC. This covers a wide range of electrical heaters.

Integrated innovation

A number of innovative and intelligent functions ensure process reliability and optimal product quality. For example, the heating current measurement is carried out virtually reaction-free using a summation current transformer. The mains voltage compensation guarantees constant output even if there are fluctuations of the input voltage.

Fast and intelligent current measurement

The heating currents are recorded continuously in the process and therefore without retroactive effect. With the help of the heating current recording, failures of thyristors or fuses and line breaks or partial load failures are quickly signalled. Disruptions can then be quickly localised.

Small, robust and quick to assemble

The compact modules offer significant space saving in the control cabinet. Everything is integrated in the power controller modules. A side by side installation is guaranteed. The installation work is thus reduced to a minimum.

No mains feedback

By default, the power semiconductors switch to the TP in zero crossing. Full-wave or half-wave operation can be preset. This way the power semiconductors are protected and the mains feedback is reduced to a minimum. Depending on the function, the heating output is operated in phase control mode.

Two mounting variants

THYPO is designed for industrial use. The housings have a robust design. Depending on the control cabinet design, there are two mounting variants: directly mounted on the control cabinet or on a line bar system.

Easy to service

The design of the module is extremely service-friendly. All cards and connectors can be easily removed and mounted again when service is required. The fuses are easily accessible and simple to replace.

Precise temperature control with the PSG THYPO power controller

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