Individual - Customer specific variants

  • Standard PSG hot runner controllers are not suitable for your application?
  • You are planning to exchange your machine integrated controllers for a PSG hot runner controller solution?
  • You are planning to equip your new machines with PSG hot runner controllers?

Customized Products

Then this is exactly the right point in time to contact us! We design hot runner controllers in close cooperation with our customers. Customized solutions are created that are technically optimized for your requirements and integrated into control cabinets.

Virtually unlimited Design Possibilities

Have you got a challenge for us or would you like to optimize your heating controller? Send us an email or give us a call. We are looking forward to consulting with you and finding an optimal solution for you.

In addition to the variable number of zones, for example, the following options are available

Tool Coding

Are the hot runner molds encoded via digital signals, it can be read in connection with the tool and automaticall pre-set values are loaded into the conrtroller. This ensures that the controller always has the optimal parameters you defined.

This function can only be used with operating software TEMPSoft2. Alternatively, the tool data can be read from the controller and be used for the tool administration by the superior control system.

External reference junction

Allows the use of copper cables between tool and controller, when thermocouple is used for temperature measurement. In order to minimize the measurement error external Pt100 sensor are provided. These sensors are to be placed as close as possible to the transfer point from the thermocouple to copper line. They provide the difference that exists between the electronics of the controller and the temperature at the transfer point and is considered in the actual value.

The benefits of this solution are potential savings by replacing the relatively expensive thermocouple compensating cable, especially for large cable lengths and high zone numbers or waiver of thermocouple compensating cables in applications with permanent mechanical stress (e.g. use of drag chains).

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