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Well-know automotive manufacturer and -supplier on our list of customers

Not only because of the discussion about the climate the concept of the Smart is up to date like never before. Lightweight construction, Molded in Color technology, absolutely free of reams... PSG is the hot runner partner for all plastic parts of the auto body in regard to the Smart project. Or: The 4-drop Big Shot systems for the front end of Audi A8: With a long fibre proportion of 30% the stiffness was increased and the weight reduced. Here PSG has a comprehensive knowledge. This comprises intricacies like: use of a cylindrical valve gate, gentle glass fibre redirection... up to temperature control in the nozzle head. No matter which requirements you have, whether back injection with fabric or multi component... also for your application we have the comparable reference. Because our customers are global players, PSG is available worldwide with 30 agents. Where do you want to meet us?

Molded in Color

Fabric back injection

Material: Hostacom PPU x 9067
Nozzle: Maxi Shot 2052 With segmented encapsulation pipe and titanium nozle head
Others: Operating unit: 80x80x100 hydraulically operated

Dash board

Nozzle: 2070 EasyShot, number of nozzles: 7
Gating: Needle valve

Car engine compartment frontend

Material: PP+30% LGF
Nozzle: 2070 EasyShot, number of Nnozzles 6
Gating: Needle valve 6 Nozzles direct

Propulsion unit with long glass fibre

Material: PP+30% LGF
Weight: 35g
Nozzle: 2052 MaxiShot, number of nzzles: 4
Gating: Needle valve 4 Nozzles direct

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