Caps and Closures: The Formula 1 in Hot Runners

Every day a gigantic number of caps and closures is needed. Quality is particularly reflected in reduction of cycle times and by quick color change. Increase in split seconds raise the efficiency of a plant drastically. Our project engineers and service technicians know, how you can accelerate your hot runner - without deductions at the quality of your parts. For example we take over the rheological and thermal dimensioning of your hot half.

Valve seal with lid

Material: PP
Weight: 4,5 respectively 5,1g
Nozzle: Mikro 2016/201/RX5/A
Manifold: 48-drop Hot Runner System. Modular Design. 4 pieces SV 12-drop. 1 pieces SV 4-drop


Material: HDPE
Others: Cycle time: 8,5 Sek.


Material: HDPE
Weight: 3,4 g
Others: Cycle time: 8,6 Sec. / 32-drop


Material: PP
Weight: 4-12 g
Nozzle: Mikro
Manifold: 24-nozzle system inside injection

Valve for Adhesives

Nozzle: Uni 2026/081/R3
Manifold: Angular injection

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