New flexotemo-IO-modules

To obtain the highest possible flexibility and ensure the cost-effective option two new IO-modules for glexotemp series are available.

The DIO 32 CI has 32 digital outputs and is therefore ideal for the temperature control in any type of plastics machines. The module also has 4 digital inputs to detect digital signals directly and process with flexotemp or a higher-level controller. Heater currents are detected via current transformer modules that are connected to the two measurement inputs on DIO 32 CI. The module measures the heating currents independently of all heating zones, evaluates the status of the heating circuit, informs the user when critical errors occur and is therefore an important indicator of the process safety.

With the TC16 16 themocouples are meausred with high accuracy. The type of the connected thermocouples can be adjusted in the system. Errors like a reversed polarity sensor wiring, a sensor break or short circuit can be reliably detected and evaluated. This guarantees a high process safety.

Both modules are compact and can be connected either directly to the control module PCU or locally at the bus couplers CANBC.

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