PSG Support immediately and remotely


With the TeamViewer remote maintenance software, we help you with your questions and can easily control your computer remotely as if we were directly suburb.

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport, call us and you are immediatedly ready to connect without any installation.

Prerequisites for the PSG Quick Support are an internet connection, a functioning data connection between the controller and your PC (regardless of whether RS485, TTY, CAN or Ethernet) and the software tool itself. This is free for Windows, can be loaded directly from the PSG homepage and be started without installation on your own computer. It is best to contact our team by phone so you can give us the security-relevant access data which we need to access your PC.
If this procedure is complete, then you allow us to look at the monitor of your PC and our team can provide direct support. If necessary it is even possible to exchange data securely and conveniently via the remote support interface. After the completion of our remote services you can easily disconnect the connection by closing the PSG Quick Support tool. We recommend to keep this on your PC then it is available for further support if necessary.

How can we assist you? Give us a call: (+49) 6204 6069-0 or use our Contact form.